My uncle and his family are currently staying for vacation at my parents´ house. So on Saturday, we went to visit Luxembourg together. At the end, we didn´t see that much of the city because we first stopped at a shopping mall located somewhere outside Luxembourg city and when we got to the city all the shops were already closed. And it was only six o´clock - I couldn´t believe it! The only things we got were some cakes from a patisserie (hubby LOVES to buy cakes when we´re abroad) and I chose a delicious looking one called "Vogue". But unfortunately, it didn´t look that delicious any more when I opened the box at home as you can see in the pictures. Still, it was so yummy!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well and don´t forget to leave a comment :-)



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  2. You look nice and you're really pretty! And the photos... gorgeous! :)