Date time!

It´s really been a while since hubby and me had the chance to go out as a couple. Parenthood has fully taken over us since our baby was born. I am used to tell everyone that I am currently just a mother - no more, no less. But somehow you lose yourself in being a parent which is good for your child but can be bad for your marriage. Every now and then, it´s important to recall to the mind that you still are husband and wife. So recently, we decided to bring little D. to the grandparents and watch a movie together. The thought of leaving him to enjoy ourselves seemed disconcerting to us, isn´t it hard to believe that we felt bad about it?! But we did anyway knowing in our minds that our baby would be in good hands. I even managed to get some shots of my outfit. It wasn´t that warm so I chose some sweatpants that I haven´t ever worn yet. 
I hope you like it - what do you think? 


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  3. Your crochet top is so wonderful!

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