Little shopping anecdote

I must admit before I became a mother, I was a true shopaholic. Anything I spotted, I had to buy in any color I liked and I had to buy anything right away because my biggest fear was that if I left the object of desire in the store and afterwards decided to buy it the next day (I always did because I really had sleepless nights thinking of it), my size wouldn´t be available anymore. Reading those lines I just have written, makes me smile about myself... haha... sounds crazy to me right now. I remember once I was standing in the store thinking about getting a vest but then hung it back because the price was not justified. I continued looking around until I saw a woman holding the vest in her hands, closely looking at it. I instantly hurried to the clothes rack thinking in panic again and again: " P l e a s e  d o n ´ t   t a k e  i t ! " Seconds of horror... and fortunately, she hung it back! I quickly grabbed it and went straight to the cash desk, so happy to have gotten the last vest in my size! To be honest: First off, I didn´t ask if they still had my size in stock. Second off, I never wore the vest, it´s still somewhere in my drawer, tags attached. Third off, I never bought anything from that store again... so much for my little anecdote :-)  I am sure, many of you have similar stories to tell, don´t you?
Looking back, I know I am healed. I still love to go shopping but I don´t have to have anything at once and buying something for my little boo nut, makes me even happier. Baby clothes are so adorable, don´t you think?!?! I don´t know if you´re interested but here´s some of my latest shopping haul!  

By the way, love the book series with Shopaholic Rebecca Bloomwood by Sophie Kinsella, so funny written and if you´re a shopaholic yourself, you can identify with her every so often ;-) I highly recommend reading those books, I always had to laugh out loud :-)

Cute panties from Accessorize





  1. Although you aren't shopping as much, I do love your new Zara jacket! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog!


    Leopard and Lillies