Since it seems to be the hardest thing for D. to fall asleep from the beginning, we try to satisfy his curiosity by taking him to the city every day and hope he gets tired enough from all those impressions to fall asleep more easily at night. Certainly, it gets boring going to the same place almost every day. So when hubby took leave we decided on a little trip to Strasbourg, France. It just took us one hour and a half by car, so perfect distance - if D. didn´t hate sitting in his Maxi Cosi. We haven´t yet found out the reason why it seems to be so akward to sit in there so most of the time driving somewhere by car means screaming until we eventually arrive or stop to get him out. And all of a sudden, he smiles... well, the drive was worth it, we spent a wonderful day in Strasbourg eating tarte flambée and strolling through the quaint side streets and the city.

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