Flower print

Just got back yesterday from a short trip to Italy. We were invited to our friend´s house and went there by car. All in all, it was an eight to nine hours drive but we needed two days to get there as we had to stop halfway to spend the night in a hotel. Unfortunately, my little man can´t take more than four hours a day sitting in the car. I didn´t manage to take outfit pics while we were in Italy, so I´m showing you an outfit I wore some days before we left. I found these shorts on sale at Zara, it immediately caught my attention. Just perfect for hot summer days, what you think?


The red blazer

As you probably can imagine, it is not that easy to take proper outfit pics with a baby constantly craving for your attention. That´s why you often see pictures of me with my babyboy. But when we went for a walk at the park with our family, I took the chance to get some shots of me all alone :-) I recently bought this red blazer at Mango, I instantly fell in love when I saw it. Actually, I don´t wear bright colors this much, though I do like them. Unostentatiously colors just attract me more, I guess... The rest of my outfit is pretty simple, I wanted to let the blazer shine.
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(Uploaded a lot of photos, couldn´t decide, sorry!)


C´est la vie mon chéri

That´s the print on my tee I wore today. Couldn´t really decide what to wear, it was sunny but not that warm with a cool breeze so I thought with a tee you can never go wrong. Plus, I love to wear shorts and as little D. rather wants to be carried around than to sit in his stroller I needed an comfy outfit. Just to walk around in the city a bit and afterwards, we met with our family for dinner. Had a wonderful weekend so far, why does it always have to end so fast? Hope you´re having a fun weekend, too!


Little shopping anecdote

I must admit before I became a mother, I was a true shopaholic. Anything I spotted, I had to buy in any color I liked and I had to buy anything right away because my biggest fear was that if I left the object of desire in the store and afterwards decided to buy it the next day (I always did because I really had sleepless nights thinking of it), my size wouldn´t be available anymore. Reading those lines I just have written, makes me smile about myself... haha... sounds crazy to me right now. I remember once I was standing in the store thinking about getting a vest but then hung it back because the price was not justified. I continued looking around until I saw a woman holding the vest in her hands, closely looking at it. I instantly hurried to the clothes rack thinking in panic again and again: " P l e a s e  d o n ´ t   t a k e  i t ! " Seconds of horror... and fortunately, she hung it back! I quickly grabbed it and went straight to the cash desk, so happy to have gotten the last vest in my size! To be honest: First off, I didn´t ask if they still had my size in stock. Second off, I never wore the vest, it´s still somewhere in my drawer, tags attached. Third off, I never bought anything from that store again... so much for my little anecdote :-)  I am sure, many of you have similar stories to tell, don´t you?
Looking back, I know I am healed. I still love to go shopping but I don´t have to have anything at once and buying something for my little boo nut, makes me even happier. Baby clothes are so adorable, don´t you think?!?! I don´t know if you´re interested but here´s some of my latest shopping haul!  

By the way, love the book series with Shopaholic Rebecca Bloomwood by Sophie Kinsella, so funny written and if you´re a shopaholic yourself, you can identify with her every so often ;-) I highly recommend reading those books, I always had to laugh out loud :-)

Cute panties from Accessorize